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The Chettinad food trail!


The joy of reading a book as part of the prep for the next shooting schedule- Chettinad. This book is an encyclopedia on Chettinad recipes/ cooking. Always a joy to wake up the next morning only to realize you fell asleep reading a book. Hopefully, I got some reading done.

Chettinad – the arid region in South India is famous for its cuisine, its palatial homes built using teak from Burma, glass from Czechoslovakia and marble from Italy and the people who are extremely hospitable. The book that I was reading was co-written by Ms. Meiyammai Murugappan from the the well known AMM family. A lady full of positive energy, she was my gracious host for this Chettinad food trail that I uncovered. Our common love for food ensured our conversations lasted late nights.  Join me in this exciting journey as I trace the culinary roots in Chettinad!

I will be sharing Chettinad inspired recipes, art videos and info. Follow me on this Chettinad food trail

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