Chettinad - Karaikudi · Tamilnadu

Chettinad Snacks & Soundram Aachi

The Chettiar men, as much as they loved their meats, also loved snacking! Finger food like murukkus (handmade crisps made with rice flour) seedai and ellu adai are famous in this region. Soundram aachi (a term of endearment used to address women in the Chettiar community) moved from her humble village knowing she could create a brand for herself with the kind of food she made. Her snacks are sold under ‘Soundram Snacks’ in Chettinad.  A woman of fantastic business acumen, does catering orders and ships her products to many countries regularly.  These crisps made with hand pounded rice flour, coconut milk and salt are perfect for an evening snack with a hot cup of filter coffee! A super camera shy person, watch as she teaches me how to make these fried pieces of heaven!

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