Dindigul · Tamilnadu

South India’s twist to the Doughnut – Gopalpatti Paal Bun

There are some things money can’t buy! This cliché couldn’t have rung truer with my experience of the ‘Paal Bun’ (Milk bun being the literal translation)in Gopalpatti, a small town in Dindigul. The Paal Bun leaves you with a rush of sensory delight as it dissolves in your mouth, at a mere Rs. 2/- per piece, in this age of soaring onion prices and a latté that sells at Rs. 500. Intrigued, I get talking to the ‘master’ in Marimuthu Tea Stall that churns out these circles of heaven, every day. A batter is made with maida (all purpose flour), soda bi-carbonate, yoghurt,water and oil and allowed to ferment for a good 30 minutes. While the fermenting process begins, the sugar syrup is made by boiling water and sugar. The master scoops out small balls of the batter, fries them in oil and then drips these fried golden wonders into the sugar syrup, where they soak for just about a minute. The very first bite into this, and the Paal Bun will have you! Now, think of the all the times you tossed away that 2 Rs. coin, contemptuous of its value. Watch how the Paal bun is made.

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