Tamilnadu · Trichy

Michael’s Ice cream

Trichy, home to the Malai Kottai, Sri Rangam is also home to the famous Michael’s Ice Cream. You can clearly see a Trichy native going nostalgic over this ice cream parlour. When I see their ice cream, I am reminded of the ‘softy/ soft serve machines’ in cinema theatres those days that churned out different flavours of ice cream. Mango, vanilla, strawberry, pista and fruit salad are their signature flavours. I admit, the ice cream may not be as creamy as the ones found in the market today. But what stands out is the 80 year old tradition that goes into making these ice creams. It is not only the quality of the ice cream, but the very affordable price per scoop, (starts at Rs.7/- and goes upto Rs.12/-) that makes Michael’s so special. A must visit if you are in Trichy.

Here’s the video of how the ice creams are made. Ms. Juliet the present owner (and daughter of the founder) of Michael’s Ice Cream takes me through the entire process. Madam, can I just say, brands like yours should endure forever.

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