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Parthasarathy Vilas Nei (ghee) roast dosai

Thiruvanaikaval is home to a temple that signifies one of the 5 elements of the Universe (Panchabootha Sthalam) – Water. The presiding deity here is Jambukeshwarar and Akilaandeshwari is his consort. There is a freshwater spring underneath the main deity and the Shiva Linga remains submerged for the most part. As I walk out of the temple, my attention caught by a whiff of ghee (clarified butter) in the air. Just when I thought it could possibly be from the temple kitchen, I am told of Parthasarathy Vilas that serves ‘soooper ghee roasts’. This age old eatery has been around for over 5 decades and I am welcomed with open arms by the owner Mr. Vaithi. Not a single Carnatic musician has left Trichy without eating at this place, he tells me. The secret of the dosais that are crisp, gold in colour is the ghee that goes into them, made here. How could I resist going into the kitchen? Take a look at these photos.

Parthasarathy Vilas is right near the Thiruvanaikaval temple. If the ghee doesnt guide you there, people will. Take a look at this video

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