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Memories, Moments and the magic of food

Today my food and travel show ‘ Sutralaam Suvaikkalaam‘ turns 1.  It has truly been a humbling experience for me and I am ever grateful for that. My family has been a great pillar of support in letting me follow my dream. Also, a huge shout out to the folks at News 7 Tamil channel for giving me this wonderful opportunity and creative space, and letting me host the show.

Here are some memories, special moments and learnings from my food travels last year that have stood out for me.

  • Travelling to some of the most remote villages in Tamilnadu for food by road is probably the most beautiful way to discover India.
Enroute to the Kerala - Tamilnadu border.jpg
Somewhere along Tirunelveli – Kerala Border
  • We don’t have to travel abroad to see the most scenic locations, it’s just that accessing beauty in India is hard due to infrastructure challenges. But when you do, the feeling is unmatched!
Chinna Chinna Aasai.jpg
Rice fields in Ilanji, Tamilnadu
  • Meeting some fabulous home cooks, the underrated master chefs of our country who are not aware of their great talent.


  • Documenting heirloom recipes native to different regions/towns/families /communities
The Kayalpatnam Muslim community recipes
  • Talking about food passionately in front of the camera.

angi 1

  • Learning and understanding how people from different communities/ religions peacefully co-exist in villages
  • watching  shop owners build one on one relationships leading to a loyal customer base, something corporates would struggle to understand and replicate.


  • Meeting entrepreneurs who do not have B school degrees but razor sharp business acumen
Murukku Doraiswamy recognized as a doyen in the murukku making business at Manapaarai
  • Cooking in the most beautiful and quaint locations surrounded by nature untouched


  • Warm and hospitable people who opened out their doors to teach me their family recipes, fed me and appreciated my singing
Cooking for the farmers in the middle of an all organic banana plantation and singing for them.
  • Making some amazing friends; and great memories that will last a lifetime


  • Racking my brains trying to write for our food and travel blog – Puliyogare Travels 
  • Following my passion and heart, safe in the belief that the wife will support me no matter what.


  • Learning to milk a cow for the first time ever, and feeling bad about extracting from the poor animal!

Here’s to many more years of food travel, music and making new friends!

Rakesh Raghunathan



8 thoughts on “Memories, Moments and the magic of food

  1. Congrats Rakesh. .
    U’ve got a lot lot more to do for this culinary world. .

    Keep up your great work. . !!!

  2. Rakesh,

    It’s really wonderful to see someone so passionate about culinary culture and traditions.

    I am a very passionate foodie and an avid traveller . Been researching on the history of the food of southern India for a few years now.

    I divide my time between Coimbatore and Chennai and would love to connect and swap stories and recipes


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