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Stix -Hyatt Regency, Chennai – Tasting Experience

Legend goes that Qu Yuan, a famous poet in the ancient state of Chu, committed suicide by jumping into the Miluo River. The local people in the village raced with their boats to find his body and also threw balls of sticky rice into the water to keep the fish away from eating him. This is celebrated today as the dragon boat festival and thus was born Zongzi. Glutinous rice stuffed with vegetarian and non vegetarian fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves, tied and steamed or boiled. It is very laborious and time consuming tells Chef. Wei, Chef De Partie at Stix Hyatt. Almost all ingredients have been sourced from China including the bamboo leaves.

Incidentally, if you want to try the Zongzi, Stix at Hyatt is celebrating the dragon boat festival till the 9th. They’re open for lunch and dinner. Go grab one of these.

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