Madras Curry & Mulligatawny

I curated and presented interesting anecdotes and narratives on the classics from Madras – The Madras Curry and Mulligatawny for the Madras Week 2016. I had such a fun time prepping for this presentation. The icing on the cake was putting together the Anglo Indian snacks that were served at Chamiers Cafe. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from many books that were published in the 1700 and 1800’s and Preserving Anglo-Indian Cuisine by Bridget White Kumar have been a great valuable source of information for my presentation and the food I put out. And what better than presenting all this in the most beautiful cafe in Chennai, Chamiers Café, Chamiers Road, Chennai, India for hosting the event and of course, the many of you who turned up to encourage and support me in all my culinary endeavours. Here are some photos from the event.

2 thoughts on “Madras Curry & Mulligatawny

  1. dear mr. rakesh
    pl let me know the upcoming events of puliyogare travels
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