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Thanjavur Culinary Holiday

Thanjavur for left us spellbound not just for the temples that the Cholas built but for the food the Marathas redefined in the region. A fun group of people from different parts of India were on this culinary holiday I put together. From savouring several centuries old recipes to understanding the local art and culture. From Rava Dosai, Kadappa, Ashoka Halwa, Sarbath to Darasuram Sarees, Chola Bronze Casting, Thanjavur Veena making we did them all. These guys were hardcore foodies for all what we spoke from breakfast till we hit the sack was FOOD!

Should you be keen on coming on these culinary holidays or want one exclusively customised for you, do get in touch

Culinary holiday to Thanjavur - Collage
While on the food trail as we ate Rava Dosai, Kadappa, Ashoka Halwa. Also the Veena making and Darasuram sarees as part of the Culture tours
Copy of Culinary holiday to Thanjavur - Collage
aint Thyagaraja’s samadhi at Thiruvaiyaru. Witnessing the Mahamagam at Adikumbeshwarar temple and enjoying the Mural art in the palace
Culinary Holiday Thanjavur - Collage 1
Always time for some cooking demonstration – Some of the recipes I uncovered from Royal Manuscripts from the Thanjavur Palace were Burani and Yam Kootu Curry. I also showcased Kadappa, Poori Payasam/ Poori Ladoo 🙂

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