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Aruppukottai Seeval

Following the food trail in Virudhunagar, I head to Aruppukottai, a quaint little town that is famous for its yarn and spinning mills is also home to the Seeval or ‘Chevvu’ as the locals say it. The Seeval is another fried wonder made with chickpea flour and is a close cousin to the south indian ribbon pakkoda and the north indian namak paara. It’s early in the morning and I am knocking the doors of ‘Muniyaandi sweet shop’ that has been specializing in this seeval for a while now. The proprietor is a little reluctant to let me into his kitchen saying it maybe too old and not really worth talking about. But little does he know the antique value of his kitchen, utensils and the seeval itself.A big no no to heavy duty, automated machines in this kitchen. It is boiling inside the kitchen but, people working inside effortlessly make the aruppukottai seeval in a jiffy. Everything is made by hand from the heart. Here’s the recipe to make the famous seeval as I get talking to one of the employees in their kitchen. I am going to uncover the Aruppukottai seeval story!

Some photos I shot in the store:

Click here to see the video of how the Seeval is made:

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