Avakkai stuffed Adai Paniyaaram


Avakkai Stuffed Adai Paniyaaram

Avakkai Stuffed Adai Paniyaaram – Photo by: Rakesh Raghunathan

What happens when left over Adai batter (savoury lentil pancake) and the gravy of Avakkai pickle meet ?  It is called marriage made in heaven. For those of you who may not be familiar with Avakkai, it is a traditional andhra mango pickle made by coating raw mangoes with mustard powder , salt and red chili powder and pouring cold pressed sesame oil)?

On a nice rainy day, with the Maestro Ilayaraja’s  background score, I mixed Adai batter with idli batter in the ratio of 2:1 and poured it into these beautiful soapstone Paniyaaram Kal (stone) sent to me by

A small twist to the paniyaaram where I stuffed the gravy portion of the avakkai pickle into the paniyaaram and deep fried till golden brown. Cooking using soapstone is wonderful, a little time consuming, but worth every bit when you bite into this deep fried heaven. Did you know that soapstone is a metamorphic rock largely made of talc and rich in magnesium?

The beauty of this rock is it is so versatile that it can be made into sculptures, set in inlay designs, carvings and ofcourse our well known Kalchatti or stoneware cooking utensils. #tredyfoods has a lot of these traditional kitchen ware. Do check them out  here if you want to buy this 

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