Dindigul / Tamilnadu

Babu Canteens

Just when you think dosais and vadais these days cost an arm and a leg, I stumble upon Babu canteens. Located beside Sandhai Road, run by Babu,the old man in the photo, has been around for the last 40 years. These guys are there to serve than make money. Run by the family (right from the cooking, to serving to cleaning), they open for breakfast at 7am for two hours and for dinner at 6:30PM for 1.5 hours. The maximum price of any item on the menu doesnt exceed Rs.10/- In today’s growing prices and inflation trends, it was heart warming to see restaurants like this even exist.I secretly looked into the tally that Babu personally writes and the maximum bill someone had paid after a heavy duty meal was Rs.44/- Beat that? 

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