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Culinary Tour of Chettinad – 2Days and 1 Night

Experience Chettinad – Gastronomically and Culturally. Spend 2 days and 3 nights days in the most beautiful boutique hotel The Bangala, Chettinad and treat yourself to a culinary holiday where you get to learn some traditional recipes from Master Cooks at The Bangala , visit the chettinad master weavers, temples and of course bargain at the local antique shop for some art pieces from yesteryear.

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Chettinad Snacks & Soundram Aachi

The Chettiar men, as much as they loved their meats, also loved snacking! Finger food like murukkus (handmade crisps made with rice flour) seedai and ellu adai are famous in this region. Soundram aachi (a term of endearment used to address women in the Chettiar community) moved from her humble village knowing she could create a… Continue reading Chettinad Snacks & Soundram Aachi

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Dosai Kuzhambu – Lentil crepes in a spicy tamarind gravy!

Ms. Murugappan aunty and I share our common love for food and talk in this beautiful courtyard in the AMM house. She also teaches me how to make ‘Dosai Kuzhambu’. Before you think this is a kuzhambu that accompanies the dosai, let me tell you – the answer is NO. Crepes (dosais) made with chickpeas… Continue reading Dosai Kuzhambu – Lentil crepes in a spicy tamarind gravy!

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Pacha Molaga Mandi – Green chillies in tamarind gravy

The Bangala  as it is known today, was a club for the Chettiar men for recreation many many years ago. Today,  the women in the MSMM family have converted this property into a boutique hotel that screams Chettiar tradition and culture. The food is to die for and the menu is put together by Karuppaiah. I… Continue reading Pacha Molaga Mandi – Green chillies in tamarind gravy

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Paal Kozhakattai (steamed rice dumplings in golden syrup)

Paal Kozhakattai (steamed rice dumplings in golden syrup) yet another Chettinad sweet, this is a must at a Chettiar wedding. Small dumplings made with rice flour is rolled and boiled in a golden syrup made with jaggery and finishd with coconut milk. We shot this at the center courtyard at the AMM house in Pallathur,… Continue reading Paal Kozhakattai (steamed rice dumplings in golden syrup)

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Black Rice or Kavuni Arisi Sweet – A Chettinad delicacy

Mrs. Murugappan’s traditional sweet from the Chettiar community using this super fibrous, glutinous rice that is supposed to have been brought back by the Chettiar men from South East Asia. Has a video link too.