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Babu Canteens

Just when you think dosais and vadais these days cost an arm and a leg, I stumble upon Babu canteens. Located beside Sandhai Road, run by Babu,the old man in the photo, has been around for the last 40 years. These guys are there to serve than make money. Run by the family (right from… Continue reading Babu Canteens

Dindigul · Tamilnadu

South India’s twist to the Doughnut – Gopalpatti Paal Bun

There are some things money can’t buy! This cliché couldn’t have rung truer with my experience of the ‘Paal Bun’ (Milk bun being the literal translation)in Gopalpatti, a small town in Dindigul. The Paal Bun leaves you with a rush of sensory delight as it dissolves in your mouth, at a mere Rs. 2/- per… Continue reading South India’s twist to the Doughnut – Gopalpatti Paal Bun

Dindigul · Tamilnadu

Jilebi Krishna Iyer

Legend has it that a huge rock (kal in tamil) right in the middle of town shaped like a dindu (a pillow) is probably why the town got its name -Dindu-Kal. A town of historic significance, has the iconic ‘Malai Kottai’ or the Hill Fortress. This was built by the Madurai Nayaks during 1605 AD.… Continue reading Jilebi Krishna Iyer

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Chellammal Man Paanai Samayal

Old wine in a new bottle seems to be the trend in the food industry these days. I stumbled upon this place called ‘Chellammal Man Paanai Samayal’ (Chellammal’s mud pot cooking – the literal translation) in Trichy. Initially, I was skeptical to give it a shot as they’ve been around only for a few years… Continue reading Chellammal Man Paanai Samayal

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Parthasarathy Vilas Nei (ghee) roast dosai

Thiruvanaikaval is home to a temple that signifies one of the 5 elements of the Universe (Panchabootha Sthalam) – Water. The presiding deity here is Jambukeshwarar and Akilaandeshwari is his consort. There is a freshwater spring underneath the main deity and the Shiva Linga remains submerged for the most part. As I walk out of the… Continue reading Parthasarathy Vilas Nei (ghee) roast dosai

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Vazhaikkai Paal Curry (Raw bananas in coconut milk)

A recipe made using farm plucked, organic raw bananas and coconut milk. Cooked in the middle of the banana fields. A recipe from the local farming community in Trichy.

Tamilnadu · Trichy

Manapaarai Murukku story

Who doesnt love Murukku? Do you know how the famous Manapaarai Murukku came on the food map of South India? Many many years ago a small town called Manaparai was famous for its cows and milk (remember the song manaparai maadu katti?). At a time when trains halted in the station, an Iyer used to… Continue reading Manapaarai Murukku story