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Aruppukottai Seeval

Following the food trail in Virudhunagar, I head to Aruppukottai, a quaint little town that is famous for its yarn and spinning mills is also home to the Seeval or ‘Chevvu’ as the locals say it. The Seeval is another fried wonder made with chickpea flour and is a close cousin to the south indian… Continue reading Aruppukottai Seeval

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The Srivilliputhur Paalkova story

How did a small town become famous for its Paalkova or Milk Halwa?

Tamilnadu · Virudhunagar

The Sattur Karasev story

Sattur, a quaint town in Virudhunagar district is famous for its Karasev, a spicy snack made with chickpea flour. A store has been making this for the last 4 generations. The ex Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Mr. K. Kamaraj, used to patronize this store. Read the full story and watch the video of how it is made.

Tamilnadu · Virudhunagar

The Virudhunagar food trail

In the middle of work and research for my next food trail, train is where I get time off to read! I was blown away by Magic Lantern Theatre¬†production of Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan that they got me to read the book and am on it now. From what I have read so far, they’ve managed… Continue reading The Virudhunagar food trail