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After I devour the Jouzi Halwa at Hameedis , I walk across looking for the Moazzam Jahi Market or ‘MJ’ Market as it is popularly known, hoping my broken Hindi will come to me rescue. A courteous fruit seller accompanies me and as I walk through the verandahs I can see shops selling vegetables, fruits, perfumes and of course ice cream! Pigeons seem to happily  co-exist with humans. I’ve read about the alluring architecture of the stone building commissioned by the Seventh Nizam that stands today at the Moazzam Jahi Market. A new market built primarily owing to lack of space in the existing Mehboob Chowk Bazaar, Residency Bazaar and Begum Bazaar, MJ Market hosts the legendary ‘Famous Ice Creams’ that has been around for over 65 years.

Their ice cream has survived the onslaught of huge ice cream brands. A confident Mr. Mazar (grandson of the founder) tells me passionately that their ice cream is always hand churned in wooden barrels (but motorized today) and made by using fruit pulp without any preservatives or added colours. He gives me a small sampler of the seasonal varieties of  hand churned custard apple and chickoo. I am transported to those times when my grand mom would make ice cream at home (not knowing she was brilliant at it), for the sheer joy of cooking for her family. Famous ice cream, made with the same love, is smooth, creamy and a little watery. As close to homemade as it can get. As I leave the place I only hope Famous Ice cream endures and survives the test of time, the invasion of large brands and the temptations of the ever growing realty market!

If you are a true foodie, hit this place when you visit Hyderabad.

Address – Clock tower, Moazzam Jahi Market, Old City, Hyderabad.

Timings – 12 noon to 11 pm

Pricing – The hand churned ice creams are priced at Rs. 25 for a double scoop.


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