In-home meal experience

Chennai: In home meal experience curated by us for Yukari Kohjin from Japan:

Viji Varadarajan, Gourmand award winning cookbook author and an advocate of vegetarianism had an in-home tamil brahmin cooking session followed by a meal experience for Yukari Kojhin from Japan. Some photos from the session yesterday. She demonstrated Uppu Kozhakattai (savoury steamed dumplings), Ammini Kozhakattai (another variant of savoury dumplings), Vella Kozhakattai (steamed dumplings with a coconut and jaggery filling), Yeruvalli kuzhambu andThakkali Rasam (Tomato Rasam). What followed was a gastronomical treat.


Madurai: In home meal experience in Madurai curated by us for Yuri Shimamoto from Japan.

Yuri Shimamoto, a passionate foodie who is in India to study and research Indian food got in touch with me to curate an in-home meal experience (both cooking and lunch) at Madurai. I always feel home cooks in India are never talked about or praised for their wealth of knowledge. One of my missions is to unearth this talent, give it its due and bring them to the forefront. Sudha, a passionate home cook in Madurai known for her regional cooking and heirloom recipes welcomed Yuri and taught her to make some southern delicacies. Here are some photos from the in-home meal session at Madurai yesterday. If you are travelling to any part in South India and would like to experience in-home meal cooking lessons and/or meal experiences in a local house, feel free to write to us at