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The story of South India’s famous peanut candy – Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai

India is one large sugar bowl with every region offering its own delights. Here I am to check out what Tuticorin has in store.It is late in the evening as I make my way to Kovilpatti to uncover the story behind the famous ‘Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai’ or groundnut candy. VVR Sweets, a store that also serves as the local grocery store is famous for these irrestible peanut bars. I get talking to the owner and find my way right into the kitchen to meet Mariappan who shows me how these high calorie bits of peanut gooeyness are made. High quality groundnuts are sourced from Dindigul and roasted till golden brown. A syrup is made with jaggery (both of palm and sugarcane) and glucose and boiled till it turns dark brown or caramel coloured. The syrup is then removed from the heat, and roasted peanuts and cardamom powder are thrown in and tossed for less than 2 minutes. The huge canon ball of peanuts is thrown onto a woodden sheet dusted with tapioca flour. This is then rolled out using a rolling pin to even out all sides. The layered out peanut mass is then cut into small cubes using a knife. Tell me who isn’t a sucker for Kadalai Mittai or groundnut candy? How many of you out there are jealous and want to pop one into your mouth now??  😉

Click here to watch how this is made

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