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Murali Kaapi Kadai – Srirangam

A strong cup of filter coffee at Ambuja Maami’s house kept me asking for more. As I crossed the Sri Rangam temple gopuram the aroma of freshly brewed coffee caught my attention. I walked into the shop (that has no name board by the way) and got to understand that it was the famous ‘Murali Kaapi kadai’ The moment I walk in, people ask me if we are going to feature them on our show. The store is a small,quaint one with a narrow passage leading inside. I can see humongous brass coffee filters that make the brew for the coffee. The store has 4-5 people working in a small cramped space and what I noticed is the owner had charted out the rates beautifully for even a lay person to understand (this really makes employees spend less time on calculating bulk orders). If you are in Srirangam, you must stop by this place for a nice hot cuppa!

Here’s the video to watch how the brew and coffee is made at Murali Kaapi kadai

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