Raw jackfruit pickle

  • Raw jackfruit (medium size) – One 6 inch piece
  • Tamarind – size of a large lemon
  • Sea salt – 3-4 tbsp (to taste)
  • Dried red chillies – 100 gm (to taste)
  • Mustard seeds – 50 gm (dry grind)
  • Fenugreek seeds – 2 tsp
  • Sesame oil – 1 cup
  • Natural vinegar – 1 cup


  1. Cut the jackfruit into small pieces after removing the outer rind and the inner core.
  2. Make sure to rub some oil on your hands and knife while doing this, so that the sticky milk from the jackfruit doesn’t stick to your hands.
  3. Extract juice from the tamarind and add the jackfruit pieces to the tamarind water
  4. Add sufficient water to cover the jackfruit. Add a couple of tbsp of salt and cook the jackfruit in water taking care not to overcook it.
  5. On a clean towel, spread the drained jackfruit pieces and dry.
  6. Since raw jackfruit doesn’t have an inherent tartness, this process will add salt and tartness.
  7. Dry roast the red chillies and fenugreek seeds. When cool, dry grind it to a powder. Set aside.
  8. Heat sesame oil in a pot and cool it down. Now add the dry ground raw mustard seed powder and remaining salt.
  9. Once the jackfruit has dried, add other remaining spices and mix well. Add more salt, if required.
  10. Mix in the vinegar and transfer to a glass jar, cover with a muslin cloth and leave it in the sun for five days.
  11. Make sure to stir the pickles each day to ensure the spices are mixed well.
  12. After five days, the pickle should be ready for consumption.


This has a shelf life of 12 months as long you ensure that no moisture remains in the pickle or no wet spoons are used to take out the pickle.

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