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Spoonful of Music – Sandeep Narayan on food and music

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What is the food that you associate with Ragams? Could you  name a few ragams and the food that comes to your mind when you think of them?

  • I don’t associate food with ragams at all. I have heard many people make analogies about how certain sweets or other foods remind them of certain ragams, and vice versa. I love food, and I love music, but I have neither  thought of a ragam while cooking, nor have I ever heard or sung a ragam and been reminded of any particular food.

What is your favourite dish served in the Sabha canteen during the december season?

  • I’m a simple guy. I enjoy a good masala dosai, or even a plain dosai if it’s served with a flavorful chutney or hot sambhar. And of course this is to be followed up with a steaming cup of filter coffee. I know these are available even otherwise, but like I said, I’m a simple guy and I know what I like!

What would you love to see on the table after a long and strenuous concert?

  • Chapathi, rajma (or dhaal)and a little bit of curd rice with a good pickle. It’s the best thing to recharge my batteries.

If you were to cook while singing, what would you cook and what would you sing?

  • If I were to start singing while cooking, my cooking which is already very average would probably become inedible.

If there was a dish you would love to cook up to impress your spouse, what would that be?

  • Sadly, the best thing I make which Radhe enjoys is a grilled cheese sandwich! It’s incredibly easy for me to make since I grew up in America, but somehow Radhe enjoys it which is fortunate for me. Luckily for me, Radhe cooks frequently and I enjoy eating all of it!

(Sandeep Narayan has broken boundaries by being the first US born and raised musician to move to India to take up music as a full-time career, a trend that is now being followed by many other young aspiring musicians. Today, he has joined the senior ranks and is one of the most sought after artists in the field, regularly performing in Chennai as well as around the world.)

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