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Spoonful of Music – Sikkil Gurucharan on food and music


What is the food that you associate with Ragams? Could you  name a few ragams and the food that comes to your mind when you think of them?

  • Not any Raagam in particular. But I remember the rich aroma of the Sambhar made by my grandmother Sikkil Kunjumani when she used to teach me in her kitchen. Perhaps she was completely in control of her kitchen and sambhar and the constituents therein, as much as the sangatis in Kamboji raagam that she taught me parallely. I sincerely repeated the sangatis after her, in anticipation of the Sambhar and rice that would follow.

What is your favourite dish served in the Sabha canteen during the december season?

  • I usually eat once during the season in a Sabha canteen. By the time I visit a canteen, news about their signature dishes would have already reached us. Usually it is the quintessential tiffin items like Paniyaaram, Upma Kozhakattai, Vazhapoo Vadai, Bonda and Dosai  with an insane amount of different chutneys.

What would you love to see on the table after a long and strenuous concert?

  • I love to binge after a concert, despite knowing it is unhealthy! And more often than not, we end up having a delectable variety after a concert, especially when we are performing away from home. From the top of my head, I would say a simple Indian dinner with some tasty side dishes to go along.

If you were to cook while singing, what would you cook and what would you sing?

  • I think I would rather listen to my favorite cinema songs if at all I get to cook.

If there was a dish you would love to cook up to impress your spouse, what would that be?

  • A paneer and mushroom based dish. With my current knowledge of cooking, it would most likely be just a salad with these items!!

(Sikkil C. Gurucharan is one of the noted and distinguished young performing musicians of Carnatic music in India today. He is the grandson of Sikkil Kunjumani, one of the acclaimed flautist duo, the Sikkil Sisters)

He is performing this evening (19-12-15) at The Music Academy -6.45 PM

And if you’re heading to the concert and should you care to grab a bite, click here for  today’s snack and dinner menu.

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