Neer Kuzhakattai – Rolled steamed rice cake

A healthy evening snack from the Chettinad region. A must try!

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Kalla Veetu Kathrikkai – Aubergine curry

An aubergine curry from the house of Kallars in the Chettinad region.

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Maa Vathal Kuzhambu – Sun dried mango gravy

An heirloom chettinad recipe using sun dried mango or maa vathal. YUM is an understatement.

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Pacha Molaga Mandi – Green chillies in tamarind gravy

The Bangala  as it is known today, was a club for the Chettiar men for recreation many many years ago. Today,  the women in the MSMM family have converted this property into a boutique hotel that screams Chettiar tradition and culture. The food is to die for and the menu is put together by Karuppaiah. I… Continue reading Pacha Molaga Mandi – Green chillies in tamarind gravy

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The Chettinad food trail!

The joy of reading a book as part of the prep for the next shooting schedule- Chettinad. This book is an encyclopedia on Chettinad recipes/ cooking. Always a joy to wake up the next morning only to realize you fell asleep reading a book. Hopefully, I got some reading done. Chettinad – the arid region… Continue reading The Chettinad food trail!


Food for thought?

As part of my travel for food, I went to Chettinad – a town in South India – famous for its cuisine and grandeur homes/ palaces built by the  affluent Chettiar community. The homes were built by importing teak from Burma, tiles and marbles from Italy and crystals from Czechoslovakia. The arid region was home… Continue reading Food for thought?


Saamai Kuzhi Paniyaaram (Fried little millet dumplings)

It is difficult to imagine Chettinad food without thinking of meat and eggs. The distinctive cuisine of the Chettiar community, having their roots in the Chettinad region of Tamilnadu, is now famous worldwide for its spicy meat delicacies. Its impact has been so strong that it is virtually recognized as a standalone cuisine, independent of… Continue reading Saamai Kuzhi Paniyaaram (Fried little millet dumplings)