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Banana Dosais (pancakes made with bananas)

Legend says that a tiny fragment from the Sanjeevani mountain that Lord Hanuman carried fell down to become the Sirumalai hill. Located 40 Kms from Dindigul, it is famous for the fast dissappearing Sirumalai Vazhaipazham (banana). I head to the local market, talk to the farmers and pick up a nice bunch of Sirumalai bananas… Continue reading Banana Dosais (pancakes made with bananas)


Organic Kambu Koozh (Pearl Millet porridge)

Millet is one of the oldest human foods and believed to be the first domesticated cereal grain. There is evidence that millet was grown during the Stone Age by lake dwellers in Switzerland and was eaten in Northern Europe at least since the Iron Age. Has the grain disappeared from our palettes over time, with… Continue reading Organic Kambu Koozh (Pearl Millet porridge)