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Carnatic Kitchen – Filter kaapi with Mount Sreenivasan

How did the simple array of Tiffin meant for breaks between concerts, morph into a culinary tradition during the season? Mount Sreenivasan, of the famous Mountbatten Mani Iyer canteen at Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, talks to us in a freewheeling chat.  The passion for food comes through strongly as you talk to Mount Sreenivasan, whose dominant… Continue reading Carnatic Kitchen – Filter kaapi with Mount Sreenivasan


Mango and Millet Salsa

Growing up in India of the 90’s, ‘salad’ just meant a simple platter of cut vegetables, laced with a hint of salt and pepper. Gradually, the universal and modern idea of the salad, found its way into our palettes. We saw exotic vegetables dressed up in sauces ranging from pungent vinaigrette to a mushy mayonnaise.… Continue reading Mango and Millet Salsa