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Learnings, moments and memories as a food traveler who has explored the length and breadth of South India to research and document food.

Tamilnadu · Trichy

Chellammal Man Paanai Samayal

Old wine in a new bottle seems to be the trend in the food industry these days. I stumbled upon this place called ‘Chellammal Man Paanai Samayal’ (Chellammal’s mud pot cooking – the literal translation) in Trichy. Initially, I was skeptical to give it a shot as they’ve been around only for a few years… Continue reading Chellammal Man Paanai Samayal

Tamilnadu · Trichy

Manapaarai Murukku story

Who doesnt love Murukku? Do you know how the famous Manapaarai Murukku came on the food map of South India? Many many years ago a small town called Manaparai was famous for its cows and milk (remember the song manaparai maadu katti?). At a time when trains halted in the station, an Iyer used to… Continue reading Manapaarai Murukku story

Tamilnadu · Trichy

Michael’s Ice cream

Trichy, home to the Malai Kottai, Sri Rangam is also home to the famous Michael’s Ice Cream. You can clearly see a Trichy native going nostalgic over this ice cream parlour. When I see their ice cream, I am reminded of the ‘softy/ soft serve machines’ in cinema theatres those days that churned out different… Continue reading Michael’s Ice cream

Tamilnadu · Trichy

Murali Kaapi Kadai – Srirangam

A strong cup of filter coffee at Ambuja Maami’s house kept me asking for more. As I crossed the Sri Rangam temple gopuram the aroma of freshly brewed coffee caught my attention. I walked into the shop (that has no name board by the way) and got to understand that it was the famous ‘Murali… Continue reading Murali Kaapi Kadai – Srirangam

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Vadai Curry recipe

I’ve stayed away from ordering vadai curry(┬ásteamed or fried lentil dumplings in a spicy tomato and onion gravy) in hotels since I thought they make it with left over vadais. A small eatery called Bevi Tiffen Centre serves Vadai Curry as their signature item. Most of the top brass politicians and celebrities get a take… Continue reading Vadai Curry recipe