Jackfruit and broken wheat paayasam

Jackfruit and broken wheat paayasam

When jackfruit meets broken wheat in a paayasam, it is what’s called marriage made in heaven!


Mango Kadhi – Inspired by Paati’s More Kuzhambu

Kadhi up north, more kuzhambu in TamilNadu, majjiga pulusu in Andhra- It is amazing how this recipe gets adapted across different regions with seasonally, locally available ingredients


Maanga Kari – A speciality from Kerala

It is amazing how every region has adapted recipes based locally available ingredients. In this case, here is a raw mango kari cooked in coconut milk, coming to you from one of our readers in God’s own Country. Ingredients: 2 teaspoons coconut oil ½ cup sliced small onion 2 sliced  ginger and  green chilli 2… Continue reading Maanga Kari – A speciality from Kerala