Varagu Arisi Pidi Kozhakattai – Kodo Millet rice cakes

Steamed millet cakes made with rice, vegetables, mustard and chillies. Has a video of how the recipe is done too.

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Paal Kozhakattai (steamed rice dumplings in golden syrup)

Paal Kozhakattai (steamed rice dumplings in golden syrup) yet another Chettinad sweet, this is a must at a Chettiar wedding. Small dumplings made with rice flour is rolled and boiled in a golden syrup made with jaggery and finishd with coconut milk. We shot this at the center courtyard at the AMM house in Pallathur,… Continue reading Paal Kozhakattai (steamed rice dumplings in golden syrup)

Chettinad - Karaikudi · Recipes · Tamilnadu

Black Rice or Kavuni Arisi Sweet – A Chettinad delicacy

Mrs. Murugappan’s traditional sweet from the Chettiar community using this super fibrous, glutinous rice that is supposed to have been brought back by the Chettiar men from South East Asia. Has a video link too.

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Attangudi Tiles – A Chettinad heritage

Attangudi – a small town in Chettinad, famous for its red soil is also the birth place of the famous Attangudi tiles. A chettiar home is incomplete without these tiles. Made with such intricate work and bright colours, these tiles take several labour hours to make. Had the chance to learn how to make these athangudi… Continue reading Attangudi Tiles – A Chettinad heritage

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Reformer ushers in musical change – Sanjay Subrahmanyan

Reliving Sanjay in innumerable ways! This was written and published for the Deccan Chronicle by Preeti Mohan in 2014. Here’s the link to the original piece. The audience felt a collective sense of homecoming as the familiar sound of Tamil fell on their ears. In the few minutes that followed, Sanjay Subrahmanyam’s rendition of ‘Vazhiya… Continue reading Reformer ushers in musical change – Sanjay Subrahmanyan

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Kodaikanal – a reservoir of memories

When we decided to visit Kodaikanal this summer, I searched for a new imagining of the place. In my memories from childhood, this was the hilly town with dense pine forests, winding roads to lonely places, and a unique attraction in the 1990’s of a children’s skating rink! As I discovered two decades later, a… Continue reading Kodaikanal – a reservoir of memories