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Vazhaikkai Paal Curry (Raw bananas in coconut milk)

A recipe made using farm plucked, organic raw bananas and coconut milk. Cooked in the middle of the banana fields. A recipe from the local farming community in Trichy.

Recipes · Tamilnadu · Trichy

Vadai Curry recipe

I’ve stayed away from ordering vadai curry( steamed or fried lentil dumplings in a spicy tomato and onion gravy) in hotels since I thought they make it with left over vadais. A small eatery called Bevi Tiffen Centre serves Vadai Curry as their signature item. Most of the top brass politicians and celebrities get a take… Continue reading Vadai Curry recipe

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Dosai Kuzhambu – Lentil crepes in a spicy tamarind gravy!

Ms. Murugappan aunty and I share our common love for food and talk in this beautiful courtyard in the AMM house. She also teaches me how to make ‘Dosai Kuzhambu’. Before you think this is a kuzhambu that accompanies the dosai, let me tell you – the answer is NO. Crepes (dosais) made with chickpeas… Continue reading Dosai Kuzhambu – Lentil crepes in a spicy tamarind gravy!


Godumai Bise Bele Bhath (broken wheat-hot lentil rice)

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all – Hariett Van Horne”  It was with this gay abandon that our cook at home, straight from the heartland of Andhra chillies, experimented with a Karnataka delicacy. Bise Bele Bhath translates to ‘hot lentil rice’, but her recipe for Godumai… Continue reading Godumai Bise Bele Bhath (broken wheat-hot lentil rice)


Poha (Aval) Vadai

I streamed through my college years in Pune, drawing energy for my multitude of activities from a power-packed Poha breakfast every day. For a South Indian used to Idlis and Uppma, Poha was the perfect transition agent. It was a little like Uppma in the combination of tempering ingredients that dressed it [the unmatched mustard, urad… Continue reading Poha (Aval) Vadai


Saamai Kuzhi Paniyaaram (Fried little millet dumplings)

It is difficult to imagine Chettinad food without thinking of meat and eggs. The distinctive cuisine of the Chettiar community, having their roots in the Chettinad region of Tamilnadu, is now famous worldwide for its spicy meat delicacies. Its impact has been so strong that it is virtually recognized as a standalone cuisine, independent of… Continue reading Saamai Kuzhi Paniyaaram (Fried little millet dumplings)