Mango and Millet Salsa

Growing up in India of the 90’s, ‘salad’ just meant a simple platter of cut vegetables, laced with a hint of salt and pepper. Gradually, the universal and modern idea of the salad, found its way into our palettes. We saw exotic vegetables dressed up in sauces ranging from pungent vinaigrette to a mushy mayonnaise.… Continue reading Mango and Millet Salsa

Culture trail

Memories and Maanga Pachadi

The times spent walking down the crowded alleys surrounding the temple on a festival day, and storming the dining table with conversation while tucking into treats, are but memories that linger. One way of keeping alive these memories is through food


Organic Kambu Koozh (Pearl Millet porridge)

Millet is one of the oldest human foods and believed to be the first domesticated cereal grain. There is evidence that millet was grown during the Stone Age by lake dwellers in Switzerland and was eaten in Northern Europe at least since the Iron Age. Has the grain disappeared from our palettes over time, with… Continue reading Organic Kambu Koozh (Pearl Millet porridge)