The (A)musings of a Food traveler!

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The last two years of my life have been spent exploring food from every region and showcasing these culinary experiences. With the experience I have gained, I’ve been able to take people on culinary holidays, organize food trails in the city, showcase long lost and forgotten recipes through culinary workshops, make presentations on food with a historical context and curate food festivals for some of the leading hotels in India.

In the course of this trajectory, I do get asked some random questions – maybe because I am still carving out a niche for myself? Some of the questions I get are actually quite funny and I thought I should list them down – if not for posterity atleast for stuff that I can use for my book! Here they are:

  • Oh wow, you’re into this industry; can you recommend good hotels to stay in Chennai? My budget is Rs.1500/ night
    • I am no travel agent – how about googling.
  • Hey! I love what you are doing – we want you to come and review our place and write about it on your social network. We will give you all the content to post and the meal is on us!
    • oh Really? How about some honest feedback for the food you serve on social media then?
  • You have a fancy job! All you do is sit on your ass and eat at people’s homes in the name of food research –
    • I wish it was that simple, imagine eating meal after meal (some not so good) outside, while dreaming of the lemon Rasam at home!
  • Gosh, how much free food can you eat?
    • Free food. What is that?
  • My help in the house quit, do you know anyone? Need someone who cooks well, so I thought I should ask you! –
    • (Sigh! I get asked this a lot, maybe because aunties seem to love me)
  • Sir, please come to our art studio when you bring guests – we’ll make sure to give you a % if they buy from us!
    • Nope! Very happy making money the right way!
  • How do you manage to remain so thin and fit inspite of the food you eat?
    • It is called the camera trick shot and a lot of Surya Namaskar!
  • Are you from North India or is one of your parents white?
    • Zilch
  • I want to be like you one day and eat at all restaurants for free!
    • Ha ha ha ha!
  • Wow! Your wife is so lucky to enjoy your cooking all the time
    • I sleep on the couch when people tell her this


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The musings of two Chennaiites seeking to discover the world through food and travel. As they open themselves up to adventure, the accompanying puliyogare, travels well and ensures that the idea of home is never lost

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